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Student Leader Series: What are your super powers? Are you a hero or a villain?

If you could have one super power, what would it be?

Really, think for a minute about your favorite super hero story! Maybe you chose super-human strength or speed, or maybe invisibility, time travel, mystical intelligence, or building spider webs!

We admire super heroes as leaders with something special and unique about them, and they save us all from the bad guys. But think about the villains in our super hero stories – they also have something unique and special about them, but choose to use their powers for harm.

There’s a reason the stories about super heroes are so fun! We connect so strongly with our heroes because even in real life, we need leaders with super powers to step up and represent what is good and just, and defending us all from what isn’t. That’s why Normnot Academy’s mission statement includes “empowering leadership” – to help our students learn what their own super powers are and how they can step up and lead their lives to support all that is good and just right here in the real world.

Empowerment is something we hear a lot about, especially now in hopeful, changing times of social awareness for understanding our differences and celebrating our shared human experience. Bringing this closer to home in your own life, so how does Normnot Academy empower leadership by helping you recognize and use your super powers?

1 - By helping you recognize that you are already powerful in very important ways, even though you may not feel like it.

You may not feel very powerful, between family, teachers, friends, all telling you how you should act, where you should be, you should do at any given moment. But once you’ve learned what should be, how do you decide exactly what you are going to do, where you are going to be? Normnot will walk through real-world situations that help empower you to make that decision for yourself.

2 – By leaning that your power doesn’t have to be given to you, it just needs to be channeled to promote the best parts of your character, instead of your worst.

All heroes are more powerful as part of a team. Think of the Avengers and the Justice League – all of the heroes have their own special powers, and sometimes they do argue. No one super hero can win against the bad guys alone and in the end, they bring out the best in each other to fight for what’s right. Normnot Academy brings together young people hungry to do well, but just need to see how to channel their passion to reflect the best parts of their character, instead of their worst.

3 – By showing you how your actions and decisions have power and influence on others, as a model for behavior by those who know you.

Do you want others to think you are a hero? Or do you want them to see you as a villain? You have so much influence and power on others, by being you! Showing them how you act, your decisions, everyone is watching you to determine who you are. The power is in your hands – to use the best parts of your character as a hero to others, or the worst parts of your character as a villain for harm.

So you see – its your choice! What are is your super power? What do you do better than anyone else you know? If you don’t know, its ok – Normnot Academy helps you re-frame your character into that of a true hero! We help you see the power you really have over your life, and the lives of everyone around you!

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