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Student Leader Series: Building Character – Who is the main character in your own life’s story?

Are you the main character in your own story?

Take a few moments and think about your favorite story – a book series you know well or a favorite movie.

Why is it your favorite? Maybe you can relate your own life to the story, a struggle with some of the same circumstances, or the way the characters interact is a lot like how you, your friends, and family act with each other. Think about the main character in your favorite story – you probably relate to them in some way, connecting similarities between things happening in your life and things that happened in the story. Right?

The writer of your favorite story had to think about how the main character would react in many different situations. Maybe the bad guys challenged our character, maybe they faced self-doubt in the face of long odds, or maybe they had to choose how to react when things looked really bad. When the chips are down, many of the most beloved characters from our favorite stories take a moment to cry, and then narrow their eyes, fill them with determination, and stubbornly head forward no matter what others tell them they should do or how they should act.

This is character development! When you think of character building, maybe it sounds daunting, like someone is going to tell you what you should do, what you should think, how you should act. But character development at Normnot Academy helps you determine for yourself what you should do and how you should act to be your own best self.

That’s why Normnot Academy’s mission statement includes “building character” – to help our students be the main character in their own life’s story. When we take charge of our own path forward, not letting supporting cast (classmates, friends, family) tell you what you’re going to do with your own life – that’s the power of writing your own life’s story. Normnot offers students a framework for doing just that, by considering many different ways to develop character. Things like:

1 – Your relationships with your supporting cast is really important to the paths your story will take.

Surrounding yourself with the right people breathe life into your story. You’ll develop relationships that challenge you, that motivate and inspire you, that give you the twists and turns in your story that you have to decide how to handle. These are the supporting characters that will take your life’s story forward, and you choose the path they will take you – to a thick, gloomy forest with scary unknowns of the dark, or to a peaceful meadow with beautiful flowers, or up a steep mountain with exciting adventures and sweeping views of the landscape below.

The people you surround yourself with and how you choose to interact with them take you on these paths, and the best part as the main character is that you get to choose what path to take! Normnot will help you think through the types of relationships you have now, and what types of people you want to know to help you choose the best path for you.

2 – You as the main character set the tone for your story.

When you finally realize the power you have as the main character in your life, by developing your own character, then you can finally set the tone for your own life. You lead the atmosphere around you, leading your life just as you want to, not as someone else tells you to. Maybe you want to be a brave, bold force of change, a strong and powerful main character on a journey to something great. Or maybe you’d like to be a peacemaker, bringing people together to achieve great things together. However you envision the end of your story, remember – you determine the course of your story.

How do you want others to feel when they read your story? When they watch you conduct your life, do you want them to feel ashamed, embarrassed, and sad that your story turned out the way it did? Or do you want your readers to feel proud, excited, and energized by the way you live your life as the main character? Normnot will help you write your story by focusing on character development, so that your “Happily ever after” looks exactly how you want it to.

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