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The Scholar Expedition


The Scholar Expedition is a program designed for students 12 yrs - 18 yrs old or young adults that are seeking to build core character and leadership values. We unpack our leadership and character development workshops and participate in community outreach to bring a holistic mentoring experience that creates a journey of discovery to help students reach their full leadership capabilities.

The Scholar Expedition lays the ground work for mentoring that empowers leadership, builds character, and creates a positive culture!

The Scholar Exedition

Encounter Life Leadership Workshops:


Through a fun group setting, we offer a facilitated social and emotional learning environment to spark conversations centered around leadership and character development. This method of mentoring offers a guided

real-world think tank that which makes it easy and attractive for youth participation.


The facilitation also consists of interactive activities geared to highlight leadership concepts that equip the youth with valuable knowledge to help them navigate through life’s challenges and opportunities.

Community Outreach/Service:


All great leaders understand the importance of serving the community and we want to do our part to ensure that this important principle is offered as part of our program. We've created volunteer opportunities by partnering with various non-profit organizations. This allows us to tie in our holistic approach to leadership mentoring in real-time. 


Outreach activities may include participating or serving  in community luncheons, working at various sporting activities or concerts, and helping with fundraisers. We will host a variety of community service programs based on the needs of the community.


Our programs are geared to support leadership development, character education, and community outreach or service. 

Program Topics & Items We Teach:

Setting Goals

Time Management

Healthy Support Network

Leadership Principles

Mental Toughness


Decision Making


Conflict Resolution


Personal Values

Character Building


Handling Criticism


Community Service

...and much more

The Scholar Expedition

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