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Customized Workshops


Customized Encounter Life Workshops:


In our flagship program, The Scholar Expedition, we offer an holistic approach to mentoring by combining leadership and character education workshops and community service or outreach. Since we are dedicated to seeing every community with engaging mentoring programs, we now offer only our social and emotional learning workshops to organizations looking to educate the youth in leadership principles and values. Nonprofit organizations, athletic organizations, community centers, as well as education institutes, take advantage of this unique program.


With our customized workshop offering, you select the curriculum topics that fit your organizations needs and we do the rest!

Customized Workshop Program Topics:

Setting Goals

Time Management

Mental Toughness


Conflict Resolution


Character Building


...and much more


Through a fun group setting, we offer a facilitated learning environment to spark conversations centered around leadership education and character development. This method of mentoring offers a guided real-world think tank that which makes it easy and attractive for youth participation.


The facilitation also consists of interactive activities geared to highlight leadership concepts that equip the youth with valuable knowledge to help them navigate through life’s challenges and opportunities.

How it works:

1. We will schedule time with your team to discuss your needs and help you select from our toolbox of lesson plans that best fit your needs.


2. We will finalize a schedule, time and date.


3. Out team will be at your location to facilitate.  

For more information please contact us at:


Customized Workshops  for your organization

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