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Normnot Academy is committed to be a culture that transforms community. There are two critical areas that we want to highlight in order to have a sustained positive impact to our vision on how we can be a leader in transforming the youth, families and their communities – Leadership Education and Community Outreach.

Leadership Education - Mentoring


Guidance Initiative

Life skills, mentoring & coaching programs


Mentors & Life Coaches will be available for one on one meetings to help guide the youth as they face day to day life decisions.



Participants are assigned a Coach to discuss those critical next steps in a students learning career. In most cases, our coach will administer a personality assessment to help the learner and coach have these discussions.


Life Skills Coaching:

We also offer unique life skills courses to provide hard skills for the youth and families to help ready them on everyday life ins and outs. These courses will cover classes on budgeting to cooking healthy! We believe in equipping learners with knowledge using real-world applications.


Through a group or classroom setting, we offer a facilitated learning environment to spark conversations on various topics like identity, character, and bullying to name a few. This method of mentoring offers a framed real-world think tank with experienced coaches and professionals to guide the youth to help them develop core values. The facilitation also consists of activities and conversations geared to equipping them to navigate through life’s challenges and opportunities.

Encounter Life Sessions

Leadership development for youth & families

 Coming Soon!

Student Success

Bridging the education resource gap (tutoring, college mapping, career & college prep)


We offer tutoring to primary students by allowing high school students an opportunity to be tutors. We are also committed to educating parents on how to work with their local schools to help execute the states requirements for students.

Partnering with school counselors:

School counselors have a tough task of being available in offering students all of the criteria needed for success at their learning institute all the while keeping state requirements at par or better. We recognize, on average at a 5A high school, there is 1 to 230 counselor to student ratio. We see this an education resource gap and our goal is to assist school counselors with getting the proper information into the hands of the student and/or parents.

Community Outreach - Volunteering


Community Engagement:

Activities will also include community luncheons, sporting activities, lectures, workshops, concerts, fundraisers and much more. We will allow the youth to play the leading role in these initiatives. Doing this will teach leadership, sacrifice and build character. We will also host a variety of community service programs based on the needs of the community.



We have partnered with various non-profit organizations which allows us to offer an assorted way to serve the community. From helping Habitat for Humanity with building a home to assisting the elderly with minor daily tasks we are able to connect our learners to their community.

Community Outreach

Community services, engagement & volunteer programs

Community Mission Opportunities

Bible study & local charity support

Bible study:

Because we are a faith-based organization, we offer a bible study class for those interested. This is not a mandatory item for learners enrolled in The Scholar Expedition.


Charity Partnerships:

Often local churches and other non-profit organizations need volunteers to see through their success for completing a project such as: collecting items for disaster relief or volunteering at a food pantry. We would partner with those organizations to help them meet the needs of the community.

Diversity Awareness:

We host events to highlight different cultures. Through workshops, lectures, and education, our hope is to spark conversations that will help build bridges between cultures.


We will also engage in community led activities to help build cross cultural diversity within neighborhoods. A few of these events to include our participation are: City Wide Kick-ball or Basketball tournaments and theme cooking events. We can’t do this without the community, so we plan to partner with local churches, law enforcement entities, schools, the City of Waco and other non-profit organizations.

Exploring Culture

Unique program geared to bring diversity awareness & community networking

Get Involved

Our volunteers are the keys to our success and we are always looking to keeping a passionate team on board.


If you are an intern, an educator or a person that is interested in getting involved with a growing leadership mentoring program - then you have come to the right place!! 

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